Every organization has its IT controls in place, but the only way to truly test them is to perform an IT Audit.
Our experts have years of experience doing specific IT-focused audits and can verify whether or not your controls are actually improving your security posture. We will help you to verify your controls, identify issues, and provide the right solutions.

An IT Assessment is a comprehensive and thorough review of a company’s environment and technology systems.
We know that Not All Of Our Clients Want To Get Involved In Day-To-Day Operations Of Their IT Function.
We also know that some of our clients love to get involved. Whatever the case, it can pay to have an experienced Third-party evaluate your office IT and provide a refreshing perspective into the health of your business systems.

We will work with you based on your needs from providing what we call a “Walk-through” Audit with high-level recommendations

Our dedicated team of experts makes sure this testing is performed within your preferred timeframe to keep costs low and help you quickly identify opportunities for performance improvement and reduced expenses.

Why Does Your Business Need an IT Assessment?

The purpose of a detailed IT assessment is to review your IT infrastructure for strengths, weaknesses, and methods for improvement. The main purpose of the assessment is to develop a more useful and safer IT infrastructure to better serve your business.
CS Services provide comprehensive IT audits as a service to ensure that only highly trained professionals are evaluating your systems.
Our IT professionals will review every part of your current IT practices.

An IT Assessment Is Conducted By Our Senior Business IT Consultants, Assessing A Range Of Functions Including:

• Current IT Infrastructure
* Decrease significant risks to your organization
* Ability to focus on core business objectives
• IT Risk Management
• Network Design
• Hardware Adequacy for business needs
• Backup Strategies
• Server Performance & Capacity
• Virus and security status
• Internet Usage
*Assess your current approach to strategy and provide recommendations for improvement or suggest risk transfer strategies
*Assess the effectiveness of current controls and defenses and recommend improvements

Our IT Audit Approach

Improves risk exposure awareness
Strengthens the internal control structure
Improves IT and business processes, and increases efficiency
Increases value through proven, innovative solutions