Data Security Firewall Solution

The Data Security Firewall is a leap ahead of the traditional Next Last Generation firewall with Data First Approach for security. It understands organizations data, provides deeper data level visibility and allows to control the data threat surface, taking appropriate security measures to prevent data exploitation.


  • Data Understanding product & solutions: GajShield Products and Solution understands contextual Data for better security. Looking at the current cyberattack trends towards data breaches, it addresses the major concern of data visibility and uses it as an aid for data security.
  • Preventing Data Leaks: GajShield uses a Context Based Network Data Leak Prevention to prevent business critical data from being leaked out through various gateways like Email, Saas application like Gmail, Google Drive, etc. and other popular social media platforms.
  • Protection against Email Borne Threats: Email being the go to means of business communication, attracts threats through it. GajShield uses Advanced Email Security Solution to protect from Email Borne malware, virus, business email compromise attacks and more.
  • Security for Roaming Users: Roaming users are the most accessible and easy targets for a lot of attackers. GajShield enforces roaming users to route all network traffic through the firewall at HO, bringing them under a secured network.
  • Unified Platform for Security: GajShield’s constant research and development has led to the creating of a uniformed platform for both network and data security.
  • Contextual Security: GajShield leverages its capability to provide visibility of data context, deeper than the traditional Layer 7 application visibility and performs proactive scanning to identify exactly which application, threat vector and user makes the network vulnerable and increases visibility, data security and performance.

Benefits of Data Security Firewall:

    • Advanced Contextual Data Classification: The Advanced Contextual Data Classification identifies the application and uses Deep Data Inspection to dive into the data context of the application. It identifies various data contexts within the application and breaks it into multiple data points for analysing them for possible data security policy violation and prevent data exploitation.
    • Cloud-Based data security model for roaming users: The Data Security Firewall with the help of an agent application Enterprise Cloud, routes all the traffic through the firewall at the HO and provides visibility on data transaction of the roaming user. e.g. in an instance where a roaming user with laptop connects to a public wifi, the Data Security Firewall Agent routes the traffic through the Head Office firewall and brings the roaming user under its protection.
    • Context-sensitive data leak prevention: Using contextual intelligence, now you can define data leak prevention policies based on textual content inside the text-based file. The DLP can block data including files based on textual content it carries. For example, if in an organization, keywords like “tenders”, “Quotation” etc. are blocked, the users will be restricted to send mails or documents and attachments consisting of these keywords. The Deep Packet Inspection inspects the file content attached to a mail, being uploaded to a popular file sharing application, file sharing application, social media etc.
    • Threat Surface Management: Manage overall Data Threat surface with a 2 stage threat categorization for effective threat identification and management. The Data Security Firewall give deeper understaning of various sources of threats and their nature for organizations to understand them and take necessary action to gain control on these threat surface.
    • Data Security Health: GajShield’s constant research and development has led to the creating of a uniformed platform for both network and data security.
    • Data Visibility and control: Monitor and Understand the overall Data Security Health of your organization based on various criticality parameters. Displayed in 3 stages of security, the health indicator is a real-time monitor that reacts based on various data security policy violations. it allows allocation of criticality to each policies e.g. High Medium and Low, helping organizations to take actions to improve data security health.
    • Limit Social Media/Collaborative Apps to Business Use only: The Data Security Firewall allows to set policies to restrict the use of popular personal email and social media ID and allow only corporate logins. E.g. one can allow only corporate logins for Social Media platform including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. this allows marketing and the Human Resource team to access social.
    • SaaS Data Control: GajShield’s CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) works on a proactive detection model to ensures that all the communication between the on-premise device and cloud application provider complies with organization’s security policies. It uses information from the Contextual Intelligence Engine, check for compliance with Data Leak Prevention Policies to detect and take necessary action against an unsanctioned use.