Data Security Firewall

GajShield Infotech Pvt. Ltd., is one of the reputed “Make in India” OEM for Manufacturing of Next-Generation Firewall & SD-Wan, having presence in this business for last 18 years taking pride in India to global countries. We Offer Next-Generation Firewall, Virtual Firewall, SD-WAN, Network DLP, Email Security, Web Security, CASB, BYOD.

The Data Security Firewall is a leap ahead of the traditional Generation firewall with Data First Approach for security. It understands organizations data, provides deeper data level visibility and allows to control the data threat surface, taking appropriate security measures to prevent data exploitation.

The Data Security Firewall uses a multi-step process towards Data Security:

Step 1: It uses Application Identification Engine that identifies various context points within applications. E.g. the application itself, its Login Id, Sender’s address, Recipients’ address, CC, BCC, Subject, Body Content, attachment, attachment content, etc. based on a different application.

Step 2: It then breaks down the communication packet being sent out using contextual Intelligence Engine to Identify Contextual data within the packet with regards to the application identified and creates a form for the Security policies to act on.

Step 3: It validates various parameters and data security policies on the created contextual data set and check for anomalies over behavior patterns learnt by UEBA and takes suitable actions to prevent data exploitation.

Step 4: Once validated, the Data Security Firewall records and logs this and creates a report.

Benefits of Data Security Firewall:

  • Data Security Health: Monitor and Understand the overall Data Security Health of your organization based on various criticality parameters.
  • Threat Surface Management: Manage overall DAta Threat surface with a two stage threat categorization for effective threat identification and management.
  • Cloud-based data security model for roaming users: Secure Your Remote/Roaming users by bringing them under the Firewall and implement Data Security Policies. Gain complete visibility on their internet activities.
  • SaaS Data Control: Control and Monitor file uploads and sharing using popular web based SaaS like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff Mail, Google Drive, One Drive, and File sharing apps etc. based on File Type, Size and content.
  • Advanced Contextual Data Classification: Breaks Down the packet into multiple data points using Contextual Intelligence Engine for better Data Security.
  • Context sensitive data leak prevention: Using intelligence from Contextual Intelligence Engine to collect context of the data transaction and actions to prevents intentional and unintentional data leaks.
  • Data Visibility and Control: Deep dive into the Data context of each and every data transaction, Log, Monitor, control and understand data usage across Web SaaS, Social Media with deeper visibility to prevent data exploitation.
  • Limit Social Media/ Collaborative Apps to Business Use only: The Data Security Firewall allows restricting personal login of Social Media and business applications based on business IDs to prevent use of these applications for non business or illicit activities.