Cyberoam data leakage prevention solution offer Layer 8 Identity-based policies based on username and work requirement to help protect sensitive corporate data, preserve customer data privacy and meet regulatory compliance and security requirements while retaining work flexibility. Cyberoam UTM offers gateway data leakage prevention controlling data transfer over email, web mail, file upload and file transfer applications.

Cyberoam is the next-generation UTM appliance, offering integrated Internet security with the complete set of security features over a single platform. Cyberoam UTM’s data loss prevention functionality disallows intentional or accidental exposure of sensitive information.  Cyberoam Endpoint Data Protection software prevents data leakage from the endpoints through encryption and document control over removable devices

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Cyberoam Offers:

  • Email leakage prevention
  • Web leakage prevention
  • Instant messenger leakage prevention
  • Encrypted HTTP/SSL protocol leakage prevention
  • Logging and Reporting

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