Secpod Endpoint Detection & Response

Continuous scrutiny is critical to ensure timely detection and prevention of cyber threats. However, the ever-increasing number of nodes and endpoints that need to be monitored can result in increased threat exposure and several false positives, with resulting issues and gaps in accurately detecting the upstream and downstream impact of potential threats. Nipping a threat in the bud requires a proactive strategy to identify and eliminate threats. A strong security posture requires the ability to rapidly respond to attacks with minimal delays to protect your business.

Endpoint Detection and Response protects your business by providing a suite of integrated tools to prevent cyber-attacks and strengthen your security posture. Provided both on-cloud and on-premise as an integrated console, with smart, multi-functional agents, it helps detect, identify, and map indicators of attacks (IoA) and indicators of compromise (IoC) and helps predict and prevent attack events.

Any deviations from expected settings or configurations are checked and flagged by the smart agents for evidence of attack or compromise, triggering alerts through the console with proactive and preventive remediation measures, where necessary.

The pre-built IoA and IoC kits detect and isolate systems with indications of attack or compromise, and also allow you to define additional checks based on available settings.

EDR also offers rapid and effective execution of the response plan to isolate any compromised endpoints, preventing the spread of an attack. EDR is integrated with Cyberhygiene Platform TM that includes vulnerability management as well as other risk assessment and remediation tools to reduce your organization’s threat exposure across your heterogeneous OS endpoints (extends supports to OS types like Windows, MAC and Linux).

Benefits of Endpoint Detection and Response:
  • Discover imminent threats with ongoing system behavior tracking: Monitor deviations in your endpoint behavior, including settings or configurations to detect and respond to attack indicators in real-time.
  • Improve security and resilience with real-time and on-demand threat hunting: Detect, identify, and takedown threat vectors swiftly with our real-time and on-demand threat hunting
  • Trigger speedy and zero downtime responses to threats: Close the gap between threat detection and response. Respond instantly to incidents of breach or compromise to prevent and contain the spread of attacks and secure your business
  • Gain seamless visibility and control to secure your globally distributed endpoints: Get a single-pane-of-glass view across your endpoints mapping all potential threats and historic responses with our centralized cloud-based console
Rapidly detect,analyze, and respond to cyber-attacks in real-time:

  • Indicators of attacks (IOA) for immediate detection of an attack: Set indicators of attack using our pre-made and customizable IOA kits. It constantly scans for these indicators in your networks and instantly raises a red flag whenever the attack conditions are triggered.
  • Indicators of compromise (IOC) for quickly isolating affected devices: Apart from identifying new or impending threats or attacks, it also detects devices that have been compromised by ransomware like WannaCry, CryptoLocker, Fantom, EternalRocks Worm, BadRabbit, etc. Rapidly scan and isolate any affected endpoints to prevent attacks from spreading.
  • Additional control with customizable checks: Go beyond pre-defined checks for threat detection to include additional detection events to gain better control based on your internally designed incident response plans.
  • Zero-day response to threats with comprehensive coverage: Use EDR to instantly trigger incident responses to secure your network. Proactively mitigate threats and evade attacks by sealing off security gaps.
  • Auditable, detailed incident summaries of all detection and response activities: View detailed information of all detections and responses performed by our product – when indicators were triggered, affected devices, risk level, response status, etc. to get an overview of all your incident detection and response activities.
  • Extensive reporting and audit logs: Get auto-generated reports based on detection and response metrics like detected attacks, monitored devices, threat responses, and more. A detailed audit log keeps a record of all admin actions performed in a network, allowing you to track data related to users and actions on the console.