A Centralized Security Management Solution

  • Are you grappling with disparate alerts from multiple point products? Want to be able to derive intelligence from data in real-time?
  • Does your security team have the required capability to analyze and remediate potential threats in real-time?

With cyber threats constantly evolving, getting smarter, and more sophisticated, it’s time you get holistic visibility of your cloud security posture in one place to mitigate risks before it becomes a disaster.

It offers a holistic security posture to integrate your cybersecurity silos, make data-driven decisions, and manage all your individual point products from a single dashboard

Benefits of Centralized Security Management:

  • Single Console: Cloud-based management on a single console to consolidate multiple endpoint security abilities and operate faster.
  • Insight Analysis: Correlate data and alerts to create threat intelligence with actionable insights.
  • ‘Plug-and-Play’ solution approachFlexible module-based approach to enable businesses to customize the solution to meet their specific cybersecurity needs.
  • Intuitive Workflows: Superior user experience keeping in mind everyday business challenges and enabling easy navigation across products.
  • Better Performance: Take remediation actions to ensure business security from advanced threats in real-time.
  • Simplified Investigation: Real-time dashboards give insights into the security posture of your environment to prevent attacks before disaster strikes.