Emergic MailArray

Emergic MailArray (EMA) is an email archiving and consent solution which helps organization maintain and retrieve their critical emails.

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 Emergic MailArray provides following attributes:

  • Stores emails from exchange and Linux based email server
  • It’s automatic and real time
  • Load on live email server is reduced by moving older mails to low-cost storage based on predefined retention policies.
  • It provides secure storage
  • Search on multiple parameters using AND/OR combination with the option to view, print, download, forward and save selected results.

Key features:

  • Email Archiving: Archives all incoming, outgoing and internal emails.
  • Archiving Rules: Set global rules to archive or ignore emails based on several parameters
  • Compression: Compresses emails to the extent of 40-50% to conserve storage space.
  • Encryption: All emails are stored in an encrypted format using triple DES encryption which makes it tamper-proof.
  • Search and Retrieval: EMA provides a simple web interface to search through millions of archived emails using multiple search parameters. Based on roles assigned, users can search their own emails thus reducing the burden and dependency on the IT administrators.
  • Search within Attachments: EMA supports multiple attachment types (e.g. doc, ppt, RTF, PDF and ZIP).With its powerful FTS, it allows to search for any word within an attachment.
  • Single Sign-On: End users can login with their same user name and password as of their emailing system and get authenticated via LDAP or ADS.
  • Access Control: Access to the emails of other users can be defined as per the role like administrator or auditor.
  • No Database Required: Messages are stored directly on the file system sing the industry standard format of RFC 822, thus eliminating the need to buy any special database.
  • Smart Attachment Storage: EMA reduces storage requirement by storing only one copy of an attachment across several emails.
  • Multiple Disks: EMA stores emails on multiple hard disks. The size of each volumes can be defined and thus multiple volumes can be created which can be backed up on separate disk or tape drives and retrieved whenever required.
  • Single Instance Message Storage: EMA uses an intelligent system wherein only one instance of any message is stored thus eliminating duplication and reducing the storage space requirement
  • Bulk Export/Deletion: Emails can be exported/deleted in bulk thus eliminating the efforts needed to retrieve/delete each email individually.
  • Bulk Printing/Viewing: Emails can be printed/viewed in bulk thus eliminating the efforts to do it individually for each email.

Reference –  http://www.netcore.co.in/netcore-products/Emergic-MailArray/overview