Web Atoms

We are product partner with NeuroSpeech who has developed many products that are useful for software development.

Web Atoms – More Markup Less Code

UI Controls

Web Atoms controls are high level UI Controls that perform complex tasks very easily. Controls are very easy to customize as they are packed with many properties. Web Atoms library contains almost all the controls you need to make a typical business application including DataGrid, Paging, and Window etc.

UI Binding

One time binding, One way binding and Two way binding features exists in many different framework such as Flex, Silverlight etc. Web Atoms framework contains best of all binding frameworks and gives you full control over rich binding to manage data and look and feel of the control. If you know Flex or Silverlight, you only need few minutes to learn how to perform binding.

UI Templates

Customizing UI Controls is very easy, as every controls are made up of basic html elements and styles, and every basic control can be fully customized using CSS and you can replace existing look and feel and apply your own look and feel to the data as well.

UI Scope

Web Atoms library offers rich scope at different control levels, which helps you in reusing your code without having to change your control instance names. Web Atoms library runs independently of HTML IDs, instead a scoped name is used to identify elements in same scope. Elements in different scope are completely isolated, which offers you library management features without worrying about conflicting names.

UI Navigation History

Web Atoms framework serializes global scope variables on URL hash, which automatically maintains state of page when back/forward buttons are clicked. You do not have to write any extra code to perform proper deep linking.

You have been using UI Atoms and its powerful Form controls for Silverlight and WPF. As we have seen a new movement towards HTML5 development and due to lack of any framework close to Silverlight or WPF, all current HTML JavaScript framework makes you change the way you do your coding.

So by realizing challenge, we are bringing brand new product called “Web Atoms JS”, (One Free Commercial License for all customers of UI Atoms).

Web Atoms JS kind of completely emulates Silverlight environment in pure HTML+JS that works from IE8 onwards to all latest browsers including Mobile Browsers and latest Smart TV as well.

One Free Commercial License:

As introductory offer, we are giving you one free Site License where you can install/use Web Atoms JS files on one domain for life time. Also note, Web Atoms JS is free for developers. Only the client who will deploy the site needs to buy the license. There is a free license as well, if you want to put Powered by Web Atoms JS at bottom of the page utilizing Web Atoms JS file.

Features of Web Atoms

  • Advanced Binding$
  • One Time Binding (Let’s you control binding)
  • One Way Binding (Auto Refresh on target update)
  • Two Way Binding
  • Component Scopes (User Controls kind of Functionality)
  • Ready to use Business Controls
  • AtomForm with powerful AtomFormTab, AtomFormRow and validations !!! without writing single line of JavaScript
  • The smallest AJAX ever, see the sample below, see that you can bind AJAX in one line
  • URL history management, automatically save state of Page on URL
  • Here is the sample of completely resizable AtomForm with Tabs and Dynamic Columns layout


We did identify lots of concepts and have already seen various JavaScript libraries, but none of them fit our requirements. Larger business applications are programmed by many developers and many teams. Other platforms such as Flex and Silverlight offer a lot in terms of managing and maintaining code. Writing code and managing code are two different aspects. Abstractions and rewriting logic in the form of simpler blocks makes everyone’s life very easy. Our goal was to bring new concepts into HTML so that visualizing and maintaining code becomes easy.


Web Atoms JavaScript Library is developed and maintained by employees of NeuroSpeech Inc, NeuroSpeech Inc. is committed to keep Web Atoms up to date with latest development trends. Web Atoms was developed as part of UI used in couple of projects that needed complete rewrite of UI for HTML platform