Vulnerability management Solutions

Vulnerability Management Solutions

To deal with the growing volume and complexity of cyber-attacks today, your security landscape needs a modern approach. Where even a slight delay in vulnerability detection or remediation might lead to serious security escalations, you need rapid vulnerability detection and remediation to identify and eliminate risks and reduce threat exposure.

The Vulnerability Management (VM) application provides the industry’s fastest, most accurate, always-on, and continuous solution to help you achieve effective and advanced vulnerability management in your enterprise.

Vulnerability Management can be orchestrated from a centralized cloud-based console to monitor and manage all your heterogeneous OS endpoints remotely.

We are trusted to help mitigate and manage risks by organizations spanning startups to large enterprises worldwide, including its unique approach to Vulnerability Management and advanced capabilities.

Benefits of Vulnerability Management

  • Reduced risk exposure with integrated and automated patch remediation: Take an integrated approach to patch management and identify, prioritize and automatically remediate vulnerabilities from your SanerNow dashboard.
  • Fastest ever comprehensive and accurate vulnerability scanning (less than 5 minutes): Detect the vulnerabilities in your network in less than 5 minutes with the industry’s most comprehensive and rapid scanner.
  • Built on the world’s largest SCAP repository with over 100,000+ vulnerability checks: Leverage our industry-renowned SCAP feed with over 100,000 vulnerability checks, to precisely scan and identify vulnerabilities and to secure your endpoints.
  • Precise vulnerability detection with a lightweight and multi-function agent: Use our lightweight agents at all your endpoints to continuously monitor your systems, and detect and automatically remediate multiple risks and vulnerabilities, with limited system resource and bandwidth consumption.