SanerNow – Never Miss a Patch Again

The global pandemic bought challenges that businesses were not ready to face and patching remotely distributed endpoints to protect against the newer vulnerabilities was one of the toughest of all. Multiple point solutions approach and on-premise controls are no longer effective in keeping the endpoint up to date with the latest patches and IT Teams need a fully integrated cloud-based patching solution.

SecPod’s Patch Management Tool ensures rapid, reliable, stable, and effective OS-agnostic patch rollouts for your endpoints

With added features like integration with the world’s largest vulnerability intelligence security feed, Firmware Updates, Configuration Patching compared with our existing solutions like Manage Engine and BigFix, SanerNow brings all of this under one platform.

Key Benefits

  • Mitigates risk: Automates vulnerability identification and prioritizes remediation based on risk to business operations and mitigates the vulnerabilities with integrated Patch management and configuration management.
  • Streamlines audits: Scans from a single interface and delivers continuous risk assessment without impacting system resources.
  • Centralized and automated patch management: Automates patch deployment and distribution and manages patches based on specific IT needs.

We would love to showcase our platform and work with you for any IT Audit requirement for mitigating Vulnerabilities using our Patch Management tool for your clients. Let us know a convenient date and time to schedule a web meeting session.