Without DMARC

  • You can’t stop anyone from phishing with your domain!
  • You don’t know who’s sending it!
  • You don’t know what they are sending!
  • You don’t know why your own deliverability is poor!


1. Block Email Phishing in Real-Time
Email authentication policies identify valid corporate email & block the remaining corporate & consumer phishing. Our customers control whether identifiers phishing & fraudulent email is sent to an end user’s spam box, or not delivered at all.

2. Protect Brand Reputation
Organizations that are subject to regular email spoofing suffer considerable reputational damage. Phishing scams often attract negative press, with liability often attributed to the organization which has been impersonated.

3. Improve Email Deliverability
An email provider may well refuse to deliver an email to a user’s inbox if it does not have an SPF and/or DKIM signature, or if the user has previously marked the sender’s emails as “junk”. With DMARC, emails are reliably authenticated, thereby improving the deliverability of legitimate emails to a user’s inbox.

4. Improve Marketing Campaign Open Rate
Use GoDMARC to identify and whitelist marketing, billing, and customer service email senders. Tune email security policies to increase third-party deliverability.