Is the data in your company secure?

MDM offers a high level of data security, regardless of whether the devices are owned by the company or employees who use them for business in the BYOD scenario.

Device feature control
A company device is subject to safety policies in accordance with the company requirements, creating hardware and system constraints.

Geolocation of devices
MDM, devices may be located on demand, in a given time interval, or in motion, creating track and route history.

Data encryption
We encrypt data with the use of high-standard cryptographic algorithms and thanks to security updates the system is resistant to all susceptibility.

Remote wipe
It allows erasing the entire memory of the device or only the company data, ensuring the protection of sensitive data against unauthorized access.

Application distribution
Distribution of own applications blocking certain software, e.g. Facebook, and creating white and black lists oers great opportunities to rule the application world.

Corporate standard
We integrate business services such as email, calendar, contacts, but we also provide enhanced features such as VPN, le access, intranet, proxy, and many others.

Remote desktop
This functionality allows remote access to mobile devices which greatly supports problem-solving by the IT Department.

Expansion and adjustment
MDM is not merely a closed platform, it is a framework that we use for customization. We will provide you with tailor-made software in which each detail corresponds to your concept.