Endpoint Management

Most businesses are digital today, and growth in business translates into increasing and globally distributed endpoints. Research reports indicate that these endpoints are the first point of attack for threat actors due to several reasons like ease of access, reduced security and controls, irregular surveillance, and the overall undetectability of malicious activity.

Endpoint Management solution will allow IT decision-makers to optimize the software or hardware usage, set and enforce compliance policies, track device utilization, and much more.

Endpoint Management capabilities include monitoring a wide range of endpoint parameters, analyzing system health, remotely troubleshooting endpoint issues, remote software installations or uninstallations, blocking malicious applications or devices, tracking and applying security controls, and much more. It is known for its device-agnostic user experience via its effortlessly deep integrated endpoint management solution with remote endpoint access, threat detection and remediation, and much more.

Benefits of Endpoint Management:
  • Assess and manage your endpoint health with real-time monitoring of 100+ endpoint metrics: Ensure comprehensive visibility across your endpoints with live monitoring of hundreds of endpoints settings and configurations with ease.
  • Ensure effective and efficient management of remote devices: We are an out-of-the-box deeply integrated console with smart, multifunction agents that simplify your endpoint management tasks across all your local and distributed endpoints.
  • Integrate your endpoint management with endpoint security: We provide you with a unified endpoint management and security approach, enabling you to implement the best cyber hygiene practices from a single window. This approach reduces the friction and complexity of managing endpoints with multiple siloed point solutions.
  • Automate operations on all major OSs from a cloud-based console: Easily automate endpoint management across your heterogeneous OS network from a centralized cloud-based console.