Endpoint Detection & Response

Endpoint Detection and Response protects your business by providing a suite of integrated tools to prevent cyber-attacks and strengthen your security posture. Provided both on-cloud and on-premise as an integrated console, with smart, multi-functional agents, it helps detect, identify, and map indicators of attacks (IoA) and indicators of compromise (IoC) and helps predict and prevent attack events.
Any deviations from expected settings or configurations are checked and flagged by the smart agents for evidence of attack or compromise, triggering alerts through the console with proactive and preventive remediation measures, where necessary.

Benefits of Endpoint Detection and Response:
  • Discover imminent threats with ongoing system behavior tracking: Monitor deviations in your endpoint behavior, including settings or configurations to detect and respond to attack indicators in real-time.
  • Improve security and resilience with real-time and on-demand threat hunting: Detect, identify, and takedown threat vectors swiftly with our real-time and on-demand threat hunting.
  • Trigger speedy and zero downtime responses to threats: Close the gap between threat detection and response. Respond instantly to incidents of breach or compromise to prevent and contain the spread of attacks and secure your business.
  • Gain seamless visibility and control to secure your globally distributed endpoints: Get a single-pane-of-glass view across your endpoints mapping all potential threats and historic responses with our centralized cloud-based console.