Sophos Cyberoam

Sophos Cyberoam

Wi-Fi is the NEXT BIG opportunity.
Making it DOUBLY EXCITING for you!

High-performance Sophos wireless Access Points + Next-Generation Security for wireless networks

CyberoamOS 10.6.3 brings Centralized Management of Sophos Access Points from Cyberoam UTMs / NGFWs

• Centralized Management – Manage APs & enterprise network with single window

• Cost effective – No separate WLC appliance (wireless LAN controller) required

• Secure Wi-Fi – Complete UTM / NGFW Security with Strong Encryption

• Consistent User Experience – Seamless roaming across Wi-Fi network

• Easy Guest and BYOD Hotspots with Client Isolation

• Connectivity till the last mile using Repeater AP and Wi-Fi Mesh

• Plug & Play APs – Rapid & Easy Deployment

Here’s why Wi-Fi means Windfall!

• SMBs and Enterprises going wireless; demand high-performance & reliable access points & secure WLAN

• Huge demand for Mi-Fi devices (mobile Wi-Fi devices like Wireless Access Points)

• Transition to 3rd platform technologies (IT built on Mobile Devices, Cloud, Big Data) to dominate ICT trends in 2015

• Government’s big-bang Digital India plans to boost Wi-Fi / wireless deployments

AP 15


Cyberoam sophos AP 15





Specsheet of AP 15

AP 55 Cyberoam sophos AP 55




Specsheet of AP55

For Cyberoam Partners, there are no wires attached for sky-high-growth. Seize the growing opportunity in Wi-Fi with Sophos Access Points and achieve easy manageability with Cyberoam UTMs / NGFWs.

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