Protect Your Institution’s IT Network with Unified Threat Management from K7 Security

It takes just one user opening a suspicious attachment to infect your entire institution with ransomware. Stop cyber attackers at your network’s edge by deploying K7 Security’s Unified Threat Management (UTM). These hardware appliances provide a cost-effective and scalable gateway solution for institutions of any size. In addition, cybersecurity is a critical part of your institution’s IT infrastructure which is required for NAAC accreditation.

Why K7’s Unified Threat Management?

  • Hardened platform for access control, user authentication, site-to-site communications, and network- and application-level attack protection
  • AAA (triple-A) framework to enforce policies, audit usage, and provide information for billing and tracking services
  • Router, Active Load Balancing, SPI Firewall, and Traffic Analyser
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System