Unified Endpoint Security And Management Platform

Endpoint security and management platform helps mitigate the challenges of discovering, managing, and securing endpoints across your organization’s IT landscape. It provides you with an advanced, unified approach, meticulously designed security tools, and handy endpoint management abilities to automate and orchestrate your endpoint security and management routines from a centralized console.

It’s single cloud-based console, combined with its powerful, lightweight, intelligent agents provide a single point of control to orchestrate all your endpoint security and management operations. With the industry’s first risk assessment and mitigation capabilities integrated in one console, SanerNow reduces your organization’s risk exposure to protect your enterprise from any security exploit.

Benefits of Endpoint Security And Management:
  • Implement a robust endpoint security and management strategy through an integrated console: Perform all security and management tasks on your endpoints from a centralized cloud-based console. Use a single tool and eliminate complexities of using multiple point solutions and reduce software spending costs.
  • Leverage the industry’s most advanced capabilities and automation techniques: Get the world’s largest and up to date SCAP repository with 100,000+ security checks and fastest 5-minute scans to identify risks in your endpoints with intelligent scanning algorithms. Automate all routine tasks to keep threat vectors away.
  • Orchestrate all endpoint security and management routines with one powerful light-weight agent: Lightweight SanerNow agents installed in endpoints perform security and management actions seamlessly. The agents work on continuous monitoring technology to ensure constant watch over endpoints.
  • Manage multiple OS endpoints remotely from the cloud SanerNow supports all operating systems – Windows, Mac, and Linux from the cloud. You can easily monitor, manage, and control to remotely secure your endpoints against cyber-attacks.