K7 Security

Protect Your IT Network With Unified Threat Management From K7 Security.

Stop cyberattackers at your network’s edge by deploying K7 Security’s Unified Threat Management (UTM). These hardware appliances provide a cost-effective and scalable gateway solution for financial organisations of any size.

Why K7’s Unified Threat Management?

  • Hardened platform for access control, user authentication, site-to-site communications, and network- and application-level attack protection.
  • AAA (triple-A) framework to enforce policies, audit usage, and provide information for billing and tracking services.
  • Router, Active Load Balancing, SPI Firewall, and Traffic Analyser.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System.

K7 Features :
All of the K7 UTM appliances include the following core features:

  1. Security Features:
    The K7 UTM Gateway appliances are high performance integrated platforms that include the following core security features and functionality.
  2. Networking Features:
    Offering a wealth of networking features and functionality, the K7 UTM solutions integrate seamlessly into existing network architectures with support for Next Generation features including IPv6, multi-LAN/WAN connections, SSL/IPSEC VPN with 3DES, AES, and Blowfish cipher support.
  3. Anti-Malware Features:
    Malware is one of the most time consuming and resource intensive threats for an organisation to mitigate, due to its diversity, complexity, and persistence. Malicious attackers and threat actors can be stopped at the network edge by deploying the K7 UTM solution, hardening a network’s defences and preventing hackers from gaining a foothold within the network.