Secure web

This world is shifting to https. Every URL on the internet should be protected by SSL certificates. This is a global movement undertaken by technology giants to make the internet more secure for everybody.

Google scans the internet every day and blacklists websites which it sees are sending a lot of spam. Once it finds such a website, it blacklists the website and shows the follow message in the search results.

site hacked exampleWhy do you need SSL certificate for your websites

  • This helps protect your customers from Man in the Middle Attacks
  • SSL Public key Infrastructure ensures that no other external party can decode or replicate the encryption.
  • Having SSL on your website makes your website stand out to Google
  • It also Helps your customers to identify your organization thus saving them from phishing attacks.

Getting an Entrust Extended Validated SSL certificate makes sure your website does not show up in the blacklist. Entrust scans the blacklists to check if your website is present on the blacklists and warns you that your site has been blacklisted and shows you steps to remediate