High-Performance Sophos Wireless Access Points + Cyberoam’s Next-Generation Security for Wireless Networks

comprompt Cyberoam's Next-Generation Security for Wireless Networks

Wi-Fi is the NEXT BIG opportunity.
Cyberoam makes it DOUBLY EXCITING for you!

High-performance Sophos wireless Access Points + Next-Generation Security for wireless networks
CyberoamOS 10.6.3 brings Centralized Management of Sophos Access Points from Cyberoam UTMs / NGFWs

  •  Centralized Management – Manage APs & enterprise network with single window
  •  Cost effective – No separate WLC appliance (wireless LAN controller) required
  • Secure Wi-Fi – Complete UTM / NGFW Security with Strong Encryption
  •  Consistent User Experience – Seamless roaming across Wi-Fi network
  •  Easy Guest and BYOD Hotspots with Client Isolation
  •  Connectivity till the last mile using Repeater AP and Wi-Fi Mesh
  •  Plug & Play APs – Rapid & Easy Deployment

Here’s why Wi-Fi means Windfall!

  •  SMBs and Enterprises going wireless; demand high-performance & reliable access points & secure WLAN
  • Huge demand for Mi-Fi devices (mobile Wi-Fi devices like Wireless Access Points)
  •  Transition to 3rd platform technologies (IT built on Mobile Devices, Cloud, Big Data) to dominate ICT trends in 2015
  • Government’s big-bang Digital India plans to boost Wi-Fi / wireless deployments
comprompt cyberoam ap 15

AP 15

comprompt cyberoam ap 55

AP 55

comprompt cyberoam ap 100

AP 100