A Firewall That Understands Your Data

At Gajshield we understand your data, its value as an asset to the organization and the importance of protecting it without disrupting the work.We believe in delivering a “carefree network and internet experience” using our world class solutions adapted by thousands of organizations across the globe to counter”Zero-Day Data Threats”.

We address major security challenges and deliver solutions for client’s current and future needs that includes preventing intentional unintentional data leak, visibility on SaaS applications, remote and roaming user’s security, seamless branch connectivity and more has helped in constant product innovation, creating advanced real security solutions of today’s and tomorrow’s enterprise.

Benefits Of Data Security Firewall:

  • Data Security Health.
  • Threat Surface Management.
  • SaaS data Control.
  • Data Visibility and control.
  • Cloud-based data security model for roaming users.
  • Limit Social Media/ Collaborative Apps to Business Use only.
  • Context-sensitive data leak prevention.
  • Advanced Contextual Data Classification.