Employee Monitoring

Employee Monitoring & Productivity Solution

Why do u need an Employee Monitoring like CYCLOPE?

✔  On the average, an employee uses his office computer for personal use 90 minutes each day.

✔  64% of the employees surf on personal interest pages during working hours.

✔  39% of the employees access Facebook and Instagram at the office.

✔  In over 90% of the cases, lunch break time is exceeded.

✔  Overtime is justified with only 50% of the employees.

✔  NO Manager likes to lose money!

Advantages of using Cyclope:

Analyze the reports to:

· Find out what, how and for how long each employee is working on.

· Find out where time is lost.

· Find out ehich are the most (un)productive employee.

· Enjoy support for App-V and managed servers

· Find out the real workload of the employee.

Decisions you can take,based on the data provided by Cyclope:

· Reward the productive employees.

· Take measures to improve the unproductive ones.

· Reduce the unproductive activities.

· Hire more personnel or reorganize the company

Raise employee’s productivity:

· Create an internal ranking based on real merits.

· Gain atleast 30 minutes of productivity per emplyee per day.

· Your company’s performance will grow in general.