DeskSight Employee Monitoring

Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring can also have a positive impact on productivity. With 69% of employees thinking that they’ll work harder if their efforts are better recognized, employee monitoring can be a powerful tool to boost productivity. Managers can make data-driven decisions to make changes to the team’s daily schedule, identify individual’s productive time, and optimize resource usage.

DeskSight Employee Monitoring Features:

» Auto Time Tracking

Be able to track the active and idle time of users all across the organization.

» Efficiency Projection

Inspect and segragate high performing workers.

» Multiple Work Schedules

Multiple schedules for different users to track different work timings.

» Remote Attendance

Track Daily Login and Logout time of every user.

» App Title Tracking

Track the content of webpage or apps by tracking the window title of applications.

» User Performance Analysis

Track the active time, productive time and unproductive time of every user

» Productivity Inspection

Differentiate between productive and unproductive activities.

» Web and App Usage Tracking

Track Applications and Websites where users are spending their time.

» High Speed Categorisation

Provide automatic and custom categorization of applications