.ASIA Domains At Best Price

.ASIA, the “.com” for Asia is the essential web address for companies and individuals to reach their audience in the fastest growing and most dynamic region in the world.

Why You Shoud Buy .ASIA Domain?

Business can expand with a .ASIA domain. Invest in .ASIA domain names that can become a valuable asset in the thriving Asian Internet market which is already the largest marketplace in the world.

Here’s why you should buy .ASIA domains:

  • Tap a market with over 1 Billion internet user
  • Look to increase your numbers in the largest Internet marketplace in the world
  • Ready-made marketing content to boost you sales and business
  • Unbelievably low promo price that attracts maximum profits

Why .ASIA is Good For You ?

Connectivity : .ASIA is the go to TLD for you as it helps to connect the entire continent with one domain.

Improved SEO : A .ASIA domain name helps your website rank favourably for users across the Asian marketplace

Community Funding : Every .ASIA registration pro-actively contributes to the development of communities in the continent of Asia. It includes initiatives like ‘One Laptop Per Child’ (www.OLPC.asia), ‘NetMission’ (www.NetMission.asia), ‘the Information Society Innovations Fund’ (www.ISIF.asia)

Universal Application : It is open to everyone, making it the perfect domain extensions for not just businesses in Asia, but Asian communities all over the world as well