Yoga is the answer!

Any form of exercise helps you burn calories while stabilizing blood circulation in the body. Combine this with a healthy diet & it even helps in weight loss. Physical workout will help you tone the body, but there is more to life than hitting the gym every day! Say hello to the ancient secrets of Yoga – a form of exercise that promotes physical, mental and spiritual well-being; thus leading to a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few ‘asanas’ that you should know about and practice.

Muscle toning

Surya Namaskar – the most common and effective form of exercise. It not only helps tone the muscles and improves flexibility, but also strengthens the spine and improves digestion. Combined with early morning sun rays and Vitamin D, this is an excellent start to the day.

Improved breathing

Kapalbhati – a technique of breathing focused on exhaling, that ensures cleansing of the respiratory system. It betters flexibility of the diaphragm and helps stay protected from cold, allergies and infections.

Relaxation guaranteed

Pranayam – it soothes the nerves and helps control your temper, keeping you calmer during obstacles as compared to other. It is also known to be an extremely good form of exercise for the heart. So ‘whoosaa’ your stress away.

Enhances concentration

Shavasan – Lying flat on your back in complete oblivion, draining your mind of all thoughts and focusing solely on your breathing; an effective cure for insomnia for sure.
While any form of yoga will not only help you rejuvenate but sciences have proved that if you believe in it whole-heartedly and follow it sincerely, it will infuse a wonderful sense of positivity into your thinking as well. Now breathe in and breathe out! Smile!

Reference by ICICI Bank