Eating Habits to Combat Long Working Hours

Everybody loves food! We know you do too! But do you know how much does your body require to stay fit and function efficiently? Research shows that distributing your meals, with tiny and healthy ‘snack-ons’ would be the right approach towards healthy eating as opposed to ‘hogging’ your heart out every time you have a craving.

Munch on fruits

For once, control that craving to ravish a double cheese burger and eat a couple of apples instead. It would make a lot of difference. Don’t believe us? Read on. Fruits are rich in potassium, fiber, vitamin C and folate. A diet rich in fruits helps reduce the risk of strokes and type 2 diabetes, protects you against certain types of cancer and lower blood pressure. A freshly squeezed glass of juice for breakfast, an easy to carry fruit to have post lunch and may be some dry fruits before you leave for the day. There you have it.

Home cooked food

Carry your lunch from home. Eating frozen parathas or ordering Chinese every day can completely mess up your taste buds. Not to mention your tummy too. Although take-away food is apparently appealing and irresistible, it is not really healthy. You are never sure of the oil used, or whether the kitchen where the food was cooked lived up to your hygiene standards. Plus, kitchens at average restaurants, use refined flour and the overtly unhealthy ingredient MSG – all of which only add to the list of cons.

Be Punctual

It’s not just ‘what’ you eat, but ‘when’ you eat that matters too. What is the use of calling it a lunch if you end up having it during your tea break? Don’t skip breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day. You should ideally have breakfast within an hour after you get up. Try and get into the habit of having your meals at regular timings every day. Irregular timings upsets your system and drains your body of energy. You also end up feeling hungry at odd hours. As a result you snack on junk food items which only add to the unwanted flab in your body.

A routine of healthy eating will definitely lead to more productive working hours as it will keep you active post lunch or during the day. If you are fit and feel healthy, you can enjoy life to the fullest! But then, reading this article alone will not help. Remember to follow it up with an action plan.