What’s changed or removed in Office 2013


The following table contains information about what’s changed in Excel.

Title Application.EnableAnimations in Excel
Scope Excel
Type of Change disabling the feature
Description Application.EnableAnimations is being disabled.
Reason for Change This feature does not work with the new animations. Therefore, the ability to turn off animations is being disabled.
Benefits Prevent animations from being turned off accidentally.
Replacement N/A
Additional Information N/A
Title Editing workbooks in a browser that has external data connections. Excel Web App no longer remembers View mode when transitioning a file to Edit mode.
Scope SharePoint eCal (Excel Services) with Office Web Apps Server is installed. SharePoint eCal (Excel Services) with Office Web Apps Server is installed and is being upgraded to Office 2013.
Admins can configure workbooks to be viewed through Excel Services by using the SharePoint viewer, or through Excel Web App.
Applies only whenExcel Services uses the SharePoint viewer (view mode).
Type of Change Architectural
 Description Workbooks that have external data connections that require Windows Authentication cannot be edited in the browser. Users who attempt to open them are prompted to open the workbooks in the client.
Workbooks that have database credentials stored in the Secure Store or in the connection string can still be edited.
 Reason for Change  N/A
 Benefits Users can get better scale-out and management by using Office Web Apps Server instead of Excel Services.
 Replacement  N/A
 Additional Information  N/A