Prevent individuals from changing their Google+ profile names

Google introducing a new setting in the Google Apps Admin console that gives Apps admins control over whether or not people in their organizations can edit their profile names in Google+.

By default, people can change the profile name that’s displayed for their Google+ profile. The new display name is also used in all other Google products, except for user-edited Gmail usernames. Starting today, admins can decide to disallow name changes. If changes are disallowed, all Google+ profile names that were previously changed by individuals will be replaced by their corresponding names in the Admin console directory.


If admins decide to prevent users from changing their Google+ profile names, we recommend the following to minimize any confusion:

  • Inform people in your organization that their profile name might change—before you modify the setting.
  • Advise people to contact their Google Apps admin if they need to change their profile name after the setting is changed.

Visit the Help Center to learn more about managing Google+ profiles.