OV-certificates (Organisation Validation)

OV-certificates (Organisation Validation) are required for companies and organizations where users must enter sensitive information (credit card numbers, contact information, etc.).In particular, they are useful for e-commerce sites or online sales. An OV-certificate authenticates the owner of the site and requires legitimate business information for that company. The validation process for these certificates is longer and more detailed. The Certification Authority not only verifies the fact that you own the domain, but also the fact that you are the owner of the company. The company must be in a business registry database and in a trusted online directory (for example, dnb.com). Fraudsters cannot get an OV certificate because their organization cannot be validated. The main advantage of getting an OV-certificate is that your company will be listed on the certificate.

  • OV certificate has been protecting sensitive user data
  • In OV Certificate display your company name on a certificate (provides more trust amongst users)
  • In OV Certificate use for planning to expand the business and grow it to a new level
  • You want people to know that the site is a legitimate organization and not a phishing site then use an OV certificate.