Symantec Gateway Email Encryption

Network-based email encryption with no client software

Gateway Email Encryption provides centrally managed email encryption to secure email communications with customers and partners. With Gateway Email Encryption, organizations can minimize the risk of a data breach and comply with partner and regulatory mandates for information security and privacy.

Key Features

  • Centralizes the creation, enforcement, management and reporting of data protection and encryption policies.
  • Enables automatic encryption and decryption of sensitive email without changing the user experience.
  • Provides multiple, flexible secure delivery options for email, including Encryption Web Email Protection, Encryption PDF Email Protection and standards-based OpenPGP and S/MIME message formats.
  • Delivers central management of encryption keys for email as well as for all Symantec encryption products.

Key Benefits

  • Secures email without burdening users, this improves compliance with policies and regulations without hindering productivity.
  • Ensures all sensitive email can be delivered encrypted regardless of the recipient’s use of encryption. This enhances customer, partner and vendor communication without increasing the cost.
  • Centralizes administration of encryption policies and management to reduce the time required to implement and maintain email protection.

Encryption PDF Email Protection

Encryption PDF Email Protection can automatically secure email messages as they leave the enterprise network according to highly configurable encryption rules. By leveraging the broad adoption of PDF reader software the need for client decryption software is eliminated while email messages are completely protected from the sender to the recipient.

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