WSClient ++ is a code generation program developed by NeuroSpeech Inc, which generates Web Service Soap 1.1 and Soap 1.2 Clients for various languages.

Key Highlights

  • Generates Strongly Typed Asynchronous and Synchronous clients for Objective-C (Mac OS, iPhone/iPad/iPod OS, iOS Compatible)
  • Generates Strongly Typed Asynchronous clients for Adobe Flash and Flex Builder (Flex 3.0 & 4.0)
  • Generates Strongly Typed Asynchronous and Synchronous clients for Java (Android, Blackberry)
  • Allows client generation of multiple web services in single namespace or package, please review the comments in each section.
  • All clients use generated code instead of reflection, which makes execution 10 times faster and which saves lot of CPU and memory in case of mobile devices like iPhone and Android.
  • All events are executed in UI Thread on all platforms.

System Requirements

Windows XP SP2 onwards & Mac OSX 10.5 onwards
Adobe Air 2.0 Onwards (Get Adobe Air Now)

Although we have tried our best to generate fast, quick web service clients, certain platforms impose limits which we cannot cross.

  1. XmlNodes as return or parameter types is not supported as some mobile platforms do not have full implementation of XmlNodes as per W3C specifications, we will add support only when it is available in mobile platform by the OS developers.
  2. Synchronous web service client for Flash, Flex is not available and it can not be made.
  3. Soap headers are only available for Java and Cocoa editions as of now.
  4. Soap is very big to be implemented, however we are focusing more on various devices that may not support all data types and every restrictions outlined in soap.
  5. Soap attachments are not supported due to unavailability of good mime implementations on mobile platforms.
  6. Loading Dynamic Types is not supported.