Comprompt Solutions LLP (formerly known as Comprompt Solutions from 2000 to 2016) is Mumbai based McAfee reseller, deals with all the products of  McAfee Data Leakage Protection with Best Price List.

 McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) enables you to be proactive about data protection, helps you understand data use in your organization, and ensures that you create effective information protection policies, without months of trial and error.

 McAfee DLP Manager

McAfee DLP Manager saves you time and money by providing flexible, centralized, and delegated control over McAfee DLP. It easily integrates with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform to provide enterprise-wide management and monitoring.

 McAfee DLP Discover

McAfee DLP Discover finds sensitive information, even if the location is unknown. Using advanced network crawling technology, DLP Discover searches systems based on LAN segment, IP address range, network group, and many other easily defined criteria. Search information held in databases can be searched without the help of a database administrator. Schedule scans to run at intervals that fit your workflow and automatically fingerprint the results to support the most accurate data protection.

McAfee Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention

McAfee Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) safeguards intellectual property and ensures compliance by protecting sensitive data wherever it lives – on the network, in storage systems, or at the endpoint, while saving time and money with centralized deployment, management, and reporting.

 McAfee DLP Monitor

McAfee DLP Monitor enables you to find, track, and protect sensitive information from any application or location, in any format, over any protocol or port, over time. Unrivaled data analytics support easy, accurate policy creation and rapid, flexible response.

 McAfee DLP Prevent

McAfee DLP Prevent helps you enforce safe data-handling policies for information leaving the boundaries of your network. It integrates with most commercial Internet gateway security technologies for email, web, IM, and other network applications.

 McAfee DLP Endpoint

McAfee DLP Endpoint delivers unrivaled protection against theft and accidental disclosure of confidential data. This protection works across networks, through applications, and via removable storage devices.

 McAfee Device Control

McAfee Device Control helps you monitor and restrict data copied to removable storage devices and media so your data stays protected under company control.

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