Personalise your Windows with Windows 8

Personalise your Windows with Windows 8

Personalise your Start screen

You can choose how your Start screen looks.

  • To change your background, colour and lock screen picture, open the Settings charm, select Change PC Settings and then select Personalise.
  • To rearrange tiles, drag them to where you want them.
  • To see all of the apps installed on your computer, swipe from the bottom of your Start screen or right-click. To pin an app, swipe downwards or right-click it.
  • To resize or unpin your tiles, swipe down or right-click them.

Bring your apps
to life

Windows comes with apps for Mail, Messaging, Calendar, People and all the things that you need most. Sign in with your Microsoft account, connect it to your social networks and watch the apps come to life.




Download apps

Explore the Windows Store and you’ll find thousands of apps available to download and try. New apps are added all the time.




Create a picture password

Sign in by drawing on your favourite photo instead of typing a password. It’s a fun way to make Windows your own.