Office Compare suites available through volume licensing

Office Compare suites available through volume licensing

If you need to purchase five or more licenses, Microsoft Office offers two suites that are available through volume licensing—Office Professional Plus 2013 and Office Standard 2013. If you need fewer than five licenses, see the comparison for other Office suites.

The following table illustrates the different applications in the two suites and their enterprise value. The suites also differ in the level of integration with related business productivity servers.


Office Standard
Office Professional Plus 2013
word_2013 Word 2013
Transform your ideas into professional-looking documents.
right_logo right_logo
excel_2013 Excel 2013
Achieve valuable insights with powerful analysis tools.
right_logo right_logo
powerpoint_2013 PowerPoint 2013
Turn your ideas into impactful presentations.
right_logo right_logo
onenote_2013 OneNote 2013
Collect your information in one easy-to-find place.
right_logo right_logo
outlook_2013 Outlook 2013 with Business Contact Manager
All of the benefits of Outlook 2013, plus powerful customer and contact management.
right_logo right_logo
publisher_2013 Publisher 2013Create professional-quality publications and marketing materials. right_logo right_logo
Office Web Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote) right_logo right_logo
access_2013 Access 2013
Track and report important information with easy-to-use database tools.
infopath_2013 InfoPath 2013Quickly collect the information your business needs with easy-to-create forms. right_logo

lync_2013 Lync 20131

Be more productive by communicating and collaborating easily with others in different locations.

Enterprise value right_logo
Group policy
Volume activation right_logo right_logo
Terminal service right_logo right_logo
App telemetry right_logo right_logo
Compliance and archiving1

With Team Mailbox, users can: share mail and docs directly to a folder; inform or block email with sensitive information; encrypt email inside and outside of your organization. Archive recorded meetings, including IM conversations.

Business intelligence

Explore different views of data with a click. Conduct a cross-tab analysis of large datasets for a 360° view. Predict trends by quickly charting historical trends. Scan spreadsheets for errors, hidden info, broken links, and inconsistencies. View audit trail of changes in spreadsheet.

Enterprise voice1

Put a Lync call on hold and continue another conversation. Support for call center type of usage (group of phones rings when a single number is dialed); ability to trace malicious calls. Enable/disable ability to record Lync meetings.

Limited right_logo

Information rights management and policy capabilities1

Safeguard digital information from unauthorized use through integration with Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) for Windows Server.

Limited right_logo
Contextual access to business and social networking1

Get a people-centric view of your company and connect to popular social networking sites to get news from customers, prospects, and partners.

Limited right_logo
Integrated enterprise content management1

Provide secure access to business information through operability with SharePoint.

Limited right_logo
Publish data insights1

Publish worksheets with strong fidelity to the web, and create web databases.

Limited right_logo

Unified instant messaging, presence, and voice1

Easily communicate with others in different locations or time zones using familiar Office tools and Lync.

Limited right_logo
Managed email folders and retention policy1

Use a variety of tools and features that improve your organization’s ability to maintain compliance with document retention policies—from accessible document creation to email retention.

Integrated electronic forms1

Extend InfoPath forms to Internet browsers and mobile devices for use in SharePoint-enabled business workflows and other areas.


The suites provide different levels of integration with business productivity servers. Contact a Microsoft Certified Partner to find the best solution for your needs.