Admin Quarantine for inbound and outbound Emails

“Quarantine Manager” is added in Google Apps for work increase the Email Control.

The admin quarantine feature provides greater email security and control by allowing admins to moderate when messages satisfying certain conditions are encountered in their domain’s mail traffic.

Gmail administrators can use email quarantines to moderate messages that meet specified criteria. When a message is flagged by a policy for quarantine (e.g. subject contains the word ‘confidential’), it will not be delivered to the intended recipient. Instead, this message will show up in the admin’s quarantine review UI. Admins can then review the message, choose to allow delivery to the intended recipient, deny delivery with or without rejection notice or do nothing. If no action is taken, messages expire and are removed from quarantine after 30 days.

For a quarantined outbound message, the message appears in the sender’s Sent folder but isn’t delivered to the recipient unless the administrator releases it from quarantine. After an outbound message appears in the quarantine, if the sender deletes the message from his or her Sent folder, the message remains in the quarantine until the administrator acts on it or the 30 days passes.

Where the administrator can do one of the following:

  • Allow delivery of the message to the intended recipient

  • Deny delivery of the message

  • Do nothing, in which case the message expires after 30 days

If an inbound message includes multiple recipients, the message appears in the quarantine once for each recipient—for example, a message with five recipients appears in the quarantine five times, once per recipient. If you set the option to send a reject message for denied messages and then deny a message sent to multiple recipients, the sender receives a reject message for each recipient.

Do any of the following:

View quarantined, allowed, or denied messages

View message content

Search for messages

Allow delivery of one or more quarantined messages

Deny delivery of one or more quarantined messages

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