A special offer and new controls for Security Key administrators

Last year, Google worked with the FIDO Alliance standards organization to launch the Security Key — an actual physical key used to simplify 2-Step Verification with Google Accounts. The key adds a layer of protection as it sends an encrypted signature rather than a code, ensuring that login information cannot be phished.

Recently, we announced that we’ve been working on new controls for Google Apps admins to easily deploy, monitor and manage SecurityKeys for their domains via the Admin console, with no additional software to install. Today, we’re excited to announce that these controlsare ready and available in the Admin console for Google Apps Unlimited and Google Apps for Education customers. We also have worked on a new special offer for Google Apps for Work customers that allows them to purchase Security Keys at a 50% discounted rate from Yubico, Security Key manufacturer.

Once Security Keys have been activated by individuals within a domain, Google Apps admins will now be able to do the following with today’s release:

  • See where and when people last used their keys with usage tracking and reports (Admin console > Reports > Audit > Admin)
  • Easily revoke access to lost Security Keys and provide backup codes so people can still sign-in and get work done (Admin console > Users > Open details for person in question > Security Keys)

We are using Security Keys at Google because it makes our lives easier and increases security. With these new controls, Google Apps admins can offer the same benefits to people in their domain.

Check out the links below for more information.

Note: the new admin controls are available for Google Apps Unlimited and Google Apps for Education customers only. Customers using other Google Apps editions can use Security Keys, but people in their domain must revoke their own keys using My Account.

Release track:
Rapid release and Scheduled release

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