Seqrite Hawkkscan: Digital Protection

Seqrite Hawkscan: Digital Protection

SEQRITE HawkkScan is a powerful and intuitive data privacy gmanagement solution that helps businesses discover, categorize, and identify sensitive information scattered throughout their data landscape. HawkkScan allows enterprises to efficiently manage and process sensitive customer data, thus ensuring compliance with stringent data privacy regulations (DPDP, GDPR, CCPA, etc.), avoiding hefty penalties, and maintaining customer trust.

Get visibility into the different data and data sources present across your organization’s data and entities perimeter including endpoints. Conduct periodic scans across data sources on several parameters to
maintain consistent data awareness across your ecosystem.

Post discovery, classify data with labels from a base of 50+ default classifiers depending on the organization’s policies. Create custom data classification labels and tags depending on relevant data privacy requirements.

Channel multi-level workflows to ensure appropriate handling of data across the organization. Correlate various data entries to stitch an automated response to subject-right management requests.

Benefits of Seqrite Hawkkscan : 

  1. Safeguard your organization’s reputation, customer trust, and business continuity.
  2. Avoid liabilities due to non-compliance.
  3. Manage advanced subject rights requests with ease.
  4. Maintain 360-degree visibility into your data privacy posture.
  5. Ensure compliance with global data privacy regulations.
  6. View all the consolidated data on a single dashboard.
  7. Streamline user administration via role-based access control, incorporating a range of user roles.
  8. Extend data privacy concepts across endpoints ensuring proper data handling.
  9. Integrate easily with a wide range of available data source connectors.