Seqrite HawkkHunt XDR

Seqrite HawkkHunt XDR

The world is witnessing increasing numbers of advanced persistent threats  where intruders establish an invisible presence in a network to steal sensitive  data over a long time. The sooner you detect them, the better you can protect  your enterprise.

That’s why your enterprise needs a holistic extended detection and response (XDR) system that goes beyond  your device endpoints to identify, track,  and eliminate stealthy threats across all  data sources.

Presenting, SEQRITE HawkkHunt XDR an advanced AI/ML-powered next-gen detection and response platform that diligently monitors your endpoints and operations 24/7. HawksHunt XDR centralizes, normalizes, and correlates data from multiple sources, enabling real-time cross-control-point protection while simplifying and strengthening your security processes.

Seqrite’s HawkkHunt eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) leverages unrivalled visibility to uncover hidden threats and adversaries that siloed tools miss. Transform your business and protect what matters most from cyber-attacks with cutting-edge unified solution.

Key Features of SEQRITE HawkkHunt XDR:

  • Automated Threat IOC Search and Alerting
  • Automated Hunting, Response & Remediation
  • Machine Learning and Behaviour Anomaly Detection
  • Playbooks-based Orchestration
  • Multi-Layer Detection Analytics for Alert Correlation and Noise Reduction