XP Retiral – Business is at RISK / Banks Face Security Risk/ Indian Govt Issues Advisory

  1. Windows XP is already significantly more likely to become infected with Malware. Post April 2104, attackers and hackers will take advantage of customers who continue to run on XP exposing their vulnerability. Do go through the attached document outlining the RISKS that business customers have.
  2. The article below outlining the risks that banks have if they stay with XP issued by US regulatory body
  3. The Government of India has also issued a letter to its departments to move off XP prior to the deadline. The letter is from the emergency response cell.

PCI DSS compliance at risk if banks use Windows XP after Microsoft withdraws support services, regulatory agencies warn.

Banks that use the Windows XP operating system will face a risk to their compliance with payment card data security rules if they continue to operate the software after Microsoft withdraws its extended support services, a US regulatory body has warned.

Windows XP End Of SupporApril 2014.pdf

Cert In Advisory Windows XP End Of Support.pdf



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