Steps To Remember while Creating A Mailer

Digital Campaign / Mailers / EDMs (Electronic Direct Marketing / Electronic Direct Mail / Email Direct Marketing / Email Marketing

  • Mailer should be creative (content, graphics, images, design, color etc..)
  • Types of Mailers
    • Festival, Birthday, Anniversary Wishes.
    • Sales offering mailings
    • Welcome and thank you letters
    • Newsletters and brochure mailings
    • Renewal mailings
    • Servicing reminder mailing fulfilment
    • Announcements
  •  Types of Mailers
  1. Storage Format
    • There should be fixed folder for all mailers on local as well as on web (on web it should be secured) no one can directly click
    • mailers/2013-2014/diwali2013/Diwali-2013.html
    • mailers/2013-2014/ christmas2013/Christmas-2013.html
  2. Sender ID: Comprompt Team
    • Reply To : sales ‘at’ or noreply ‘at’
  3. Headers
    • contain comprompt logo with slogan
    • menu urls like comprompt websites. (Web Services, Services, Software, Netwroking, Hardware)
    • Google Analytics code should be added.
  4. Body 1
    • To M/s. Comprompt Solutions
    • Dear Mr. XYZ ABC
    • Subject Line : (In Text)
    • Images of the festival / event / Marketing
    • Content of the festival / event / Marketing
  5. Body 2
    • Our product / services advertisements content with url / images
  6. Footer
    • Contact Details Mobile , Email ids, Chat Now
    • SMN logos and urls ( facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin, youtube, pintrest)
    • unsubscribe, forwards, update, privacy policy.
    • In footer also write @ 2013 All rights reserved |
    • Trouble Viewing this miler ? View in browser
  7. Testing
    • Test in all latest top 5-7 browsersr (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari) , and on Mobile/Tablet. (Android, IOs, Windows, BlackBerry.
    • Test all urls is working .
    • First sent to internal test email ids to check whether it is reaching, how is it looks on various email client etc.
  8. Reports
    • Check the analytics reports
    • Check the unsubscribe reports
    • Check the bounce reports

Note: some mailers you can use body1 at header positions and headers on 2nd or in footer position