Watch out for Android Ransomware – It’s rising!


It’s not only PC ransomware that you should be worrying about. Android ransomware too is on the rise…

Android ransomware has grown by 200% according to the study done by Quick Heal Security Labs for its Q1 Threat Report.

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Android ransomware work in the same fashion like PC ransomware do. The malware can lock your device or encrypt the stored data and demand a ransom to put things back to normal.

Tips to stay safe from Android ransomware

  1. Do not click on links or download attachments received in unknown or unexpected emails.
  2. Do not click on links received in text messages from unknown numbers.
  3. Avoid installing apps from unofficial or third-party sources.
  4. Keep a backup of your important data stored on your phone.

How Quick Heal Mobile Security app helps prevent ransomware and other malware threats

  1. Scans apps while they are being installed on your phone.
  2. Detects security vulnerabilities that might exist in the apps installed on your phone.
  3. Background scans inspects every downloaded app to ensure it is safe.
  4. The app receives automatic virus updates that help protect your phone from the latest viruses and malware.
  5. The app reviews the security level of your device and helps you keep it strong.

Reference by Quick Heal