Prophaze – Unified Web Security Platform

Prophaze is an Award Winning Security Solution Company that delivers;

  • API Security
  • Cloud WAF
  • Bot Protection
  • Kubernetes WAF
  • On-premised WAF
  • WAF API Gateway

Leading blue-chip companies have chosen Prophaze on account of:

  • Its’ Simplicity in Deployment: 6 clicks is all it takes for Prophaze to start securing the critical applications.
  • Quick Time-to-Launch: Go Live in less than 5 minutes.
  • Enviably the Industry’s most Competitive TCO Score.
  • A Self-learning rule engine.
  • World-Class Support that Prophaze delivers among all the Web Applications Firewall vendors.
  • Behavioral detection capabilities.
  • The only WAF company that is open to delivering Customized solutions.