MailVault securely backs-up your entire organization’s email into a centralized archive. Powerful search mechanisms allow you to view and restore email for any user, over any time period.

Compatible with all mail systems, MailVault readies your company for ediscovery and compliance, and helps you save money in the process.

MailVault Features


A 10 minute deployment on Windows or Linux, with no external licensing needed.

Easy Google-like search, as well as access from within an email client.

Automated email collection, disk space and mail server monitoring, with email alerts make life easy for the administrator.


Simple, quick and advanced search along with saved searches and dynamic filters.

Deduplication and compression for space saving.

Support for local and network storage. Multi-archive support, with auto-rollover, for a hands-off operation.

Useful alerts and reports keep you informed and ready for action well in time.


Military grade encryption, along with retention policies and litigation hold.

Role-based access to enhance privacy and even prevent ‘admin-snooping’.

Audit trails track all activities and record who, what, when.