Protect your critical infrastructure from every attack scenario

Start a new chapter in your cybersecurity journey with Kaspersky Lab

Digital transformation brings massive benefits to business efficiency and agility – but it also brings new security challenges. Whether you’re an existing Kaspersky Lab customer or an enterprise in the process of making an important cybersecurity solution purchasing decision, consider the following:

• The cost of cybercrime against enterprises is set to hit $6-trillion annually by 2021

• The number of cyber attacks continues to rise, with attacks on corporate infrastructure increasingly professional and tailored.

• Corporate IT infrastructure is getting more complex as it extends beyond the corporate perimeter to mobile devices, public clouds and third-party providers.

Kaspersky Lab’s new Enterprise solutions portfolio responds to this environment. It’s a comprehensive edge-to-edge range of solutions which reflects the security needs of today’s enterprises.

The new framework is designed to form the cornerstone of your corporate IT strategy, combining fully scalable, proactive protection capabilities for physical, virtual and cloud-based systems including static and mobile endpoints, servers, networks and specialized hardware and software.

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