BitRaser is a cutting-edge media sanitization software from Stellar®, guaranteeing “permanent erasure” of data from a wide range of storage drives & devices. It enables high-performance wiping of computer hard drives, SSDs, removable storage media, servers & mobile devices, securing data privacy across the device lifecycle. Through fail-safe media wiping & traceable reporting, BitRaser serves as the ideal risk mitigation tool.

BitRaser, our certified data erasure software guarantees permanent wiping of sensitive data from HDDs, SSDs, PCs, laptops, Mac® devices, Chromebook & Servers. The  software generates tamper-proof erasure certificate helping organizations mitigate risks & attain compliance with laws and standards like CPRA, EU-GDPR, PCI-DSS, ISO-27001. BitRaser safeguards privacy & prevents data leakage when disposing, donating, returning, or reselling old storage media or devices.

BitRaser products can be categorized broadly into:

  1.Drive Erasure & Diagnostics 

BitRaser serves your needs for a certified solution that can assure permanent data erasure from IT assets like PC, Laptop, Mac, Server & Chromebook. It can securely wipe data beyond recovery. Software generates tamper-proof Certificate of data destruction that can act as audit trails. BitRaser’s erasure reports help you to meet  audit requirements & comply with global data privacy laws, regulations & standards like – EU GDPR, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, etc.

 2. Mobile Erasure & Diagnostics 

BitRaser software erases & tests iPhone® , iPad & Android® devices to guarantee regulatory compliance, safeguard data privacy & monetize residual value of hardware. This DIY software permanently wipes data from mobile devices, thus ensuring that sensitive information does not fall into wrong hands when devices are disposed, recycled or sold.

3.Bulk Drive Erasure Over Network

BitRaser meets data wiping needs of ITADs, refurbishers and large corporations, when disposing or reselling IT assets. It offers easy-to-use, centrally managed media sanitization across computing & storage devices, thereby mitigating data leakage risks. Its cloud-based ‘Admin Console’ allows you to remotely manage erasure over network using the PXE Boot solution.

4.File, Folder & Volume Erasure

BitRaser File Eraser is a secure data wiping software that permanently erases confidential files, folders, volumes, saved login passwords, etc. stored on laptop, desktop, server, and Mac beyond the scope of data recovery. The software helps enterprises meet compliance needs for safeguarding data of customers, employees, investors etc. stored by them especially when complying with laws like GDPR in order to prevent data breach.

When Do You Need Data Erasure?

  • Reselling IT assets or personal device
  • Disposing end of life IT assets
  • Returning leased IT assets
  • Inventorying unused or legacy IT hardware
  • Using computer and internet frequently
  • On-premise media wiping without experts