Phishing Emails

90% of all data breaches begin with human error. Therefore, more than ever, it is necessary to focus on the human factor to prevent cyber-attacks. That way you protect your money, reputation, employees, and assets.

How does Phished build your human firewall?

A holistic Security Awareness curriculum that starts in the Phished Academy

Your employees automatically learn how to deal with any type of threat through a variety of snackable microlearning – Efficient and underpinned by neuroscience.

Next-Gen Threat Intelligence

The AI-driven phishing simulations are based on the profile and knowledge of each individual recipient. This continuous knowledge testing creates an always-on mentality that puts into practice what employees learn in the Phished Academy.

Completely automated and personalized phishing simulations

In-depth reporting based on real-time performance provides a complete understanding of your organization’s sensitivity to phishing. The Phished Report Button activates users and helps stop threats before they do any damage.