Intentional or unintentional leak of information is a major concern for enterprises. Whether they use email applications, Instant Messaging, Web Chats or simple Document Storage Sites, all these applications can be easily used for leaking information. These applications are also used by enterprise for business communication and hence blocking these applications is not the solution. Current firewalls or UTMs are unable to restrict usage of these applications to prevent Data Leaks. GajShield is the only Next Generation Firewall solution which gives an organisation complete control by providing ‘Visibility’, ‘Monitor’, ‘Detection’ and ‘Prevention’ of data being sent out of the enterprise which the current generation UTM device are unable to do. Along with that Gajshield Next Generation Firewall also provides Policy based Protection for Firewall, IPS, Data Leak Prevention, Application Filtering, Content filtering, P2P control, IM control, Adware, Spyware and set policies based on BYOD along with user identity or IP address.

GajShield Products

  • SOHO
  • GS 15nu
  • GS 20nu
  • SME
  • GS 40nu
  • GS 80dc
  • Enterprise
  • GS 240dc
  • GS 360dc