Director's Desk 2022

The change is the only constant. The world until 2019 was a different one than the one we are seeing today in April 2022. A lot of dynamics have changed in the way we live and work since the last couple of years. One of those changes relates to how we use technology to live. From sharing information to departing education, and from serving customers to sharing invoices and payments, now we have adapted new ways.

Manish Sanghrajka

Life without IT has become unthinkable. Life with IT is more livable and enjoyable.

When Comprompt had started its journey, about two decades ago, the world was still living in times of landlines. Forget mobiles, even pagers were yet to arrive. A computer at home was a luxury then. Today, after roti, kapda aur makaan, data has become our fundamental need. And this too, we believe, is just a beginning.

We don’t know where it will stop if at all it stops, but we know for sure that technology can make much more improvements in our lives and our businesses. Comprompt is well equipped to help its customers to keep pace with the present as well as the future.

We are constantly adding many more services in our presently remarkable kitty of the same. With that, we also wish to make this new financial year more rewarding for you. Come, let us prosper and grow together. Comprompt, as always, will be your technology partner so that you embrace the ease of doing business.

Happy businessing!

Wishing you a super-profitable FY 2022-23.