A more modern Gmail app for Android

Today, the Gmail app for Android is getting updated with a more modern style, sleeker transitions, and a few other handy improvements.

As part of the new design, there’s now a convenient reply button at the bottom of every message, making it quick and easy to continue a conversation when you’re on the go. And if you access the app on your Android tablet, you’ll notice it’s easier to switch between accounts and the different inbox categories.


The updated Gmail app also now supports all email providers, which means you can set up a separate inbox for, say, your Yahoo Mail or Outlook.com addresses using POP/IMAP.

The new app will support all Android 4.0+ devices. It’s available today on all devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and will be rolling out on Google Play to everyone else over the next few days.


Release track:
Rapid release and Scheduled release


For more information:

Get the Gmail app on Google Play


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New version of the Google Drive app for Android

A new version of the Google Drive Android app is coming to Google Play. The launch includes:
  • New Design: The new interface, leveraging some of the Material Design principles recently announced, puts your content front and center and makes creating, uploading and accessing it easier than ever.
  • Improved Search: The search tool makes it easy to find the content you’re looking for by updating results as you type each letter into the search box.
  • Better Sharing: Add a custom message when you share a file so your collaborators know why you sent it. You can also turn on link sharing to make the file “public” and set access to view, comment, or edit. This automatically copies the link to the clipboard and allows you to paste it wherever you want.
  • Enhanced PDF Viewer: A new PDF viewer lets you find, select and copy text in PDFs, and it’s built right into Drive so you don’t need to launch another app.


Release track:

Rapid release and Scheduled release (gradual rollout)


For more information:

Get the Google Drive App on Google Play


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Add-ons for Google Forms

In the spirit of giving you even more flexibility and customization, we’re launching add-ons for Google Forms–new tools, created by developer partners, that bring even more features to your surveys (just like add-ons for Docs and Sheets).

Check out the growing list of available add-ons, several of which are particularly relevant for education, from the “Add-ons” menu in Forms, or by directly visiting the Forms add-ons store.

If you have already disabled add-ons for your domain in the Admin console, Forms add-ons will be defaulted off. To change this setting, click on Google Apps -> Drive > General Settings and check/un-check the “Allow users to install Google Docs add-ons” box.

Release track:
Rapid release and Scheduled release

For more information:
Forms add-on store
Help Center

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Cyberoam announces beta launch for Security as a Service on AWS Cloud

Comprompt-AWS Cloud

Tap into New Opportunities

  • Target AWS Cloud users as new customers
  • Provide Managed Security Services using As-a-Service Model
  • Comprehensive Security for AWS hosted Infrastructure

McAfee Mobile Security available for Free for iOS & Android

free-McAfee-Mobile- Security-for-iOS-and-Android

Securing your mobile world in just a few steps!

Explore everything the new mobile world has to offer, and do it safely and confidently with industry-leading McAfee Mobile Security. When you install new apps, shop online, browse social networks, or use your device for banking and payments, McAfee Mobile Security is there to protect you.

Preserve your privacy*
Safeguard your most personal and confidential information from risky apps and prying eyes

Find and protect your phone if lost or stolen*
Locate your phone, display an onscreen message to improve its chances of being returned, and keep your personal data safe by locking or wiping it

Keep your most precious, most personal device safe*
Connect with confidence, knowing you are protected against viruses, spyware, botnets and other malware

Reference: http://www.mcafee.com

Auto-upgrade to the new Google Forms

Auto-upgrade to the new Google Forms, In the coming weeks, we’ll begin auto-upgrading all legacy forms created in the old version of Google Forms (those created prior to February 2013) to the new version. The new version of Forms supports higher response rates and advanced features like custom themes, randomizing questions, and one response per person.

All responses from the old Forms will migrate seamlessly to the new version. Legacy form themes and stylings will migrate as well with potential visual differences. After the upgrade is complete, a notification will appear when an editor opens any upgraded form, indicating that the upgrade has occurred. At that point, we recommend choosing a newer theme (or customizing one) to ensure a smooth user experience with your form.

In the future, we’ll be auto-converting legacy themes to comparable versions in the new system, which will allow for theme customization and a better mobile experience (additional communication to follow in advance of this change).

Release track:
Upgrade for Rapid release domains to start on Oct 20, with Scheduled release starting two weeks later (gradual rollout)

For more information:

Help Center

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New Hangouts Chrome app


A new Hangouts Chrome app was launched today with an updated UI. The app is available for Windows and Chrome OS platforms and brings the best of Hangouts to your desktop.

Improvements include:

  • Streamlined design that keeps your chats accessible without getting in the way of everything else. Your contact list and all your chats are condensed into one easy to toggle window.
  • Works outside of your browser so your chats are always available, not tucked away inside a window. You’ll get all your messages as long as you have the app running, and your chats will sync across Hangouts on all your devices.
  • Includes all the video and voice features you’re used to in Hangouts. We recently announced you can make phone calls to any number in the world (via Hangouts dialer) and now you can do this right from your desktop.

Release track:
Rapid release and Scheduled release

For more information:
Chrome Blog post
Help Center
Download the Hangouts Chrome app

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Adjust image color and filters in Google Slides


People working with images in Google Slides on the web will now have the ability to adjust their color, transparency, brightness, and contrast.

To use this feature, select an image in Google Slides and click the Image options button in the toolbar (you can also right click on the image, or use the Format menu, and select Image options). Under “Recolor,” you can change the color of your image to match your presentation. Under “Adjustments,” you can change the following:

  • Transparency: How much of the slide shows through behind the image
  • Brightness: How bright the image appears on the slide
  • Contrast: How much the image stands out from its background


Release track:

Rapid release, with Scheduled release coming in two weeks


For more information:

Google Drive Blog post

Help Center

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Nuance Power PDF-Complete All in One PDF Software (Create, Convert, Edit & Fill PDF forms)

Nuance Power PDF gives you everything you would expect from the #1 replacement to Adobe® Acrobat®, including the ability to create, convert, search, secure and share PDF files.

Benefits of Power PDF Standard

Create and assemble PDF easily from any application.

Instantly create 100% industry-standard PDF files with security options that are fully compliant and compatible with all PDF viewers.

Turn paper into PDF more productively

Create PDF files directly from your scanner with one-click scanning to PDF. Scan to standard image, searchable, or editable PDF formats, or scan and highlight, cross out, or underline—all in a single step.

Convert PDF files to searchable and editable documents

Accurately convert PDF files to editable Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Corel WordPerfect, and searchable XPS documents with faithfully reproduced text, columns, tables, and graphics.

Manage and access your documents in the cloud

Connect directly to your cloud storage sites such as Dropbox®, Evernote®, Box, Windows Live SkyDrive®, and Google Drive™.

PDF uncompromised

For demanding business users, Nuance Power PDF Standard is the next generation PDF solution that delivers performance, ease and value as never before, freeing them from the compromises of traditional PDF applications

Collaboration & Productivlity at a price that makes business sense

PDF is the standard format for business document collaboration. Yet, most users lack adequate PDF power. The high price of competitive solutions makes powerful PDF software unobtainable for most, while the limited capabilities of low-priced alternatives leave users powerless. As a result, collaboration and productivity is hindered.

Nuance® Power PDF puts an end to all of that. Finally, PDF software that gives business users the features they need at a price that businesses and professionals can justify. Now users can create, assemble, convert, edit, search, secure, and print PDF documents and forms with unprecedented ease and speed.

Power PDF advantages.

Microsoft Office-style ribbon user interface

Provides a familiar, intuitive user experience that minimizes the learning curve and maximizes productivity.

User-configurable quick access toolbar

Allows users to create shortcuts to their favourite features and capabilities.

User-configurable pattern search

Performs intelligent Looks Like Search™ to quickly find phone numbers, email addresses, social security numbers, and more.

Dragon Notes

Empowers users to add comments by speaking instead of typing.

Streamlined document assembly
Allows users to combine files and remove or replace pages with drag-and-drop ease.
Powerful PDF editing and mark up

Dynamic stamps gives users advanced editing functionality to increase collaboration and productivity.

Highly accurate OCR and file conversion

Reproduces complex layouts with columns, tables, and graphics.

Reference by : www.nuance.com

Restore deleted Drive and Gmail data


Restore deleted Drive and Gmail data

Restore deleted Drive and Gmail data , Currently admins can restore deleted Drive content for individual people in their domain using the Admin console. If a person accidentally deletes important data, this helps ensure that the data is not permanently lost. Today’s launch adds the ability to restore Gmail messages that were inadvertently deleted and return them to people’s inboxes.

This launch also adds the ability to perform Drive or Gmail data restores for up to 10 people simultaneously. Admins can select a date range to restore data from up to 25 days in the past.


Release track:

Rapid release and Scheduled release


For more information:

Help Center

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