You will soon have access to Office 2016 desktop applications



The brand new Office 2016 desktop apps are here, included in your organisation’s Office 365 subscription. There is no immediate action needed, but you can now discover what’s new in Office 2016 and learn more about your deployment options.

See what’s new in Office 2016

Office16_feature_CoffeeShopPhone_194x194The most secure Office
Office 2016 now supports Multi-Factor Authentication, which allows secure access to content outside of the corporate network. Data Loss Prevention gives you tools to centrally create, manage and enforce policies. 


Flexible click to run options
Deferred updates and simplified activation management give you more control over your deployment options


Office16_featureManWorking  New Internet-friendly MAPI-HTTP protocol enhances Exchange/Outlook connectivity. Users benefit from reduced time to download messages and new settings to better manage

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